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Interface FastEthernet0/1 is DOWN (admin status is UP)!

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Interface FastEthernet0/1 is DOWN (admin status is UP)!

I know there are several post about this already and I will also admit that I am new to this software (we are currently evaluating this and several other products).  I would like to find out how to make the unused switch ports on my switches not come up as critical.  I would like to keep them in monitoring as when new devices are added to the network that port will go from a state of idle/dormant to a state of in use.  There was an earlier post regarding the creation of a dormant status for inactive switch ports.  It looks like that code has been included in the latest release but the ports still show as inactive.  It honestly doesn’t matter to me as much but I have a big monitor on the wall showing anything that is down and my boss sees all these critical (red) and goes into panic mode (which could become the deal breaker for this software).

I would appreciate a simple explanation of how to make a switch port show as ok when nothing is connected to it. 



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Are you evaluating Opsview Atom or one of our commercial offerings (Pro / Enterprise)? If its the latter, then you should reach out to Sales who will be able to run a thorough POC with you which would involve helping with scenarios like the above.



PS: To not monitor an interface, on the 'SNMP > Query host interfaces' option, simply untick the interfaces you dont want to monitor.