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Windows Server Uptime

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Windows Server Uptime

I am using Opsview Core 3.20130212.0 virtual appliance with Ubuntu 10.04

I monitor a bunch of Windows 2008 servers and for Server Uptime and am wanting to improve the Status Information.

I am using the standard check_nrpe plugin with Argument -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -c nsc_checkuptime -a 'MinWarn=20m MinCrit=10m ShowAll=long'

The output I get is like this: OK: uptime: 5w 0d 15:48

What do I need to do to get h (for hours) and m (for minutes) after the 15 and 48 in this example?

I did try the check_uptime3 from the Nagios Exchange in the hope the status info would be better but I can't get it to work

(eror is Return code of 13 is out of bounds)

Maybe there is some easier way to tweak my existing code 

Look forward to your assistance out there


Regards, Mark