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How To Check E-Mail flow on MS Exchange 2010

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How To Check E-Mail flow on MS Exchange 2010

Hi All,

with our old ipMonitor we was able to test the ability of our SMTP server to receive and distribute email, as well as the ability of your

"end-users" to log in from a POP3 enabled client and retrieve their mail.


Are there a way to simulate an email roundtrip and measures the time it takes for the series of transaction to occur?:

- First, Opsview-Monitoring (plugin) delivers an email to the SMTP server (p25) for the recipient address I specify.

- Next, Opsview-Monitoring (plugin) logs in to the POP3 Mail Server (p110) and retrive the list of queued mail.

- Then, Opsview-Monitoring (plugin) locates and validates the email it sent, and sends a DELE command to delete the message.

- Finaly, Opsview-Monitoring (plugin) disconnects from the server by sending a QUIT command to terminate the connection.


Are there a way, or knows somebody a Nagios plugin, which can I do the check like this one?

Thanks in advance for a feedback


best Regards