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New hosts not in opsview-web view

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New hosts not in opsview-web view


we are using an older version of opsview on an Ubuntu 10.04 physical server (opsview-base 4.4, opsview-core 3.2).

Everything was working fine, until a few days ago. No new hosts are viewable in the Opsview Web Gui.

I can see these hosts in the nagios view and the configuration files. i see the check results in the log files and even get a notification via e-mail with the current status.

But i somehow can't view them in Opsview-web. This problem applies to new hosts as well as some hosts which have been changed (e.g. swapped with a different host template).

log files for nagios, ndo, opsviewd, opsview-web don't give me a clue towards the problem/or solution. i have optimized the database and mysql/innodb parameters, without any luck.

I hope i can find some support here.

Regards from Germany.


Duncan Ferguson
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This sounds like the NDO log

This sounds like the NDO log files are not getting imported into the database quickly, or the post reload process has not run correctly.

Do you have any NDO files in nagios/var/ndologs waiting to be imported and can you run as the nagios user '/usr/local/nagios/bin/ndoutils_configdumpend' without error?


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Thanks for the answer.

Thanks for the answer.

There are no files in /var/ndologs and the opsview check is okay "LOGS OK - Oldest log file is 0 seconds old, 1 files backlogged ".

Running /usr/local/nagios/bin/ndoutils_configdumpend takes a while and gives no output. i assume it worked correctly.

We reverted to one of the backups and now we can see only ONE host in opsview-web.

any other log or files i can check?