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NDO Critical

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NDO Critical

Hi Guys,

I having the following issue and wonder if anyone can help. I am getting the error

NDO CRITICAL - oldest ndo file is 409481 seconds old, 433 ndo files backlogged

in /var/log/opsview/opsviewd.log i can see this error (constantly repeating itself)

 [import_ndologsd] [WARN] Failed to import 1377523142.078607
[2013/08/27 08:48:29] [import_ndologsd] [FATAL] Error for 1377523742.056029 in handle_STATECHANGEDATA: Can't call method "execute" on an undefined value at /usr/local/nagios/bin/../lib/Opsview/Utils/ line 3444.

I am also running the latest version of opsview core.

I am at a loss a trying to resolve this issue and would be thankful for any assistance.


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Re: NDO Critical

I managed to do a restore of the mysql databases and then deleted the old NDO log files. This looks to have resolved the issue.

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Re: NDO Critical

How did you managed to do a restore of the mysql database and how did you delete the old ndo log files? i am having the same problem also running latest core.

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I would love to know the

I would love to know the answer to this too!