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Windows Agent installation changes

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Windows Agent installation changes
The previous agent installer seemed to be a pretty standard Windows installer, with lots of custom repackaging from Opsview so that it was obviously them that had created the installation package.  This new installer looks to be just the nsclient++ installer with a new name for the binary installer, it installs in a completely new directory instead of Opsview-Agent.  Which means we loose customizations to the config.   The Publisher Name for the app in the control panel is “MySolutions NORDIC” which is the group that created the nsclient++ binary, the version number went from to and the previous version is not removed upon installation, even if I force it to install into the original directory.   From a functionality point of view I don’t see much difference.  From an enterprise manageability perspective this is really bad.   We have it deployed on 800+ windows systems. We're going to have to copy and uninstall the old one. Then install the new one and figure out if that changed something the users had setup. For example .INI file changes.    Can this be repackaged to align with the original? Was there some significant reasons for these changes and will this configuration remain for a while? 
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Can you please raise this with support, on




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