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Using generic NRPE agent to monitor Ubuntu 13.04/13.10 hosts

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Using generic NRPE agent to monitor Ubuntu 13.04/13.10 hosts

I'm new to Opsview and Nagios, just got my Pro server setup today in Ec2.  I'll be using monitor my Linux boxes of varying distros in a couple of locations.  Some of my Linux boxes are running non-LTS releases of Ubuntu meaning no opsview agent.  Is there a pre-built nrpe config file that enables the same plugins used by the Opsview built agents?

Or some instructions that I'm missing for untilzing vinilla Nagios NRPE agents?

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Edit: I figured this out.  I had misinterpreted the nagios documentation and thought that there was significant configuration needed to enable the Nagios plugins, ect.  It turns out on Ubuntu/Debian all you need to do is intall the packages as shown below:

sudo apt-get install nagios-plugins nagios-plugins-basic nagios-plugins-common nagios-plugins-standard nagios-plugins-contrib nagios-plugins-extra nagios-nrpe-server --no-install-recommends

the --no-install-recommends is important or it will try and install full on nagios.

The edit /etc/nagios/nrpe_local.cfg and set your opsview server IP as the allowed IP.

A lot of my checks freaked out for a bit when I first enabled the host, I'm going to attribute this to the smaller packet size vinilla nrpe has as oppsed to the opsview agent.