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Upgrade - Do not do them

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Upgrade - Do not do them

Hi guys,


I am wondering why everytime I upgrade a stock standard core version of Opsview, it kills the install and I end up downloading the new version and starting from scratch. The latest one killed apache with some sort of Auth-tkt error or something.

Now I know this is free software, but if this thing was stable I would purchase the enterprise version for the mining company I work for. I really think that you should not offer a free version if you need support to keep the thing working. 

So far over 2 years I have rebuilt this thing 4 times, all due to "upgrades" which turn out to be the worst of any software I have ever used. Are these actually tested on any live environment? You dev team should be fired because its pathetic.



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Re: Upgrade - Do not do them


I don't believe this is a fair comment.  It would probably help to understand our software release model. Let me explain.

Our 'core' release is community targetted software. We rely on the community to use / test / break our software so we can find bugs, fix them, and ensure that when we cut an Enterprise release the code is stable. Think of our model like Red Hat's; no one expects Fedora Linux to be without issues. It's an operating system DESIGNED to be 'latest and greatest'. It breaks. That's why companies don't deploy Fedora, but RHEL - which is tried, hardened and fully regression tested.

This model is the one to which Opsview subscribes. No where do we say our community software will be bug free or not break. Indeed, by the very way our model works, you should expect Core to have issues by virtue of us including 'latest and greatest' software within it. This is why we always recommend companies / enterprises purchase our Enterprise offering which has a longer release schedule, and is fully regression tested.

Incidentially, we haven't come across the issue you mentioned in your case. If you can post the details I am more than happy to raise a defect request on your behalf for our developers to check.  Please include OS you deployed Opsview on in your report.