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Transfering custom settings to new installations

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Transfering custom settings to new installations

I have an Ubuntu Server-based Opsview OVA that I have used for deployments at a number of sites.  I have customized it in a number of ways such as installing WMI monitoring plugins for Window servers, pre-configuring templates for the types of equipment we generally use, baking in a postfix relay, etc...

Because of the bulk of the system and the unfavorable updating process and the difficulty of converting it for Hyper-V deployments, I was rolling around the idea of porting my customizations to a clean setup on TurnKey (Debian) which just installs from a pre-configured ISO and will work on pretty much any hardware, physical or virtual.  I've moved another of my custom-built appliances from Ubuntu to TurnKey and was very pleased with the results.  There are quite a few benefits to this, such as having a leaner system, a console GUI for configuring networking, web terminal access, better compatiblity... not to mention my 3 GB OVA is now a 221 MB ISO.

Most of this is an easy enough process -- moving customized config files, plugin files, etc.  However I'm not likely to move forward with it unless I can easily move customizations made in the web GUI.  Customized templates, newly configured service checks, adjusted notification time periods, etc.  Is this possible?  If so, what would be the best way to go about it (keeping in mind that I'll be moving from Ubuntu to Debian)?