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Slave server is not sending anything to Postfix

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Slave server is not sending anything to Postfix


I successfully installed and connected 2 slaves to my master server.

The problem is, neither are sending out alerts and the Postfix logs are empty.

What did I miss?



Duncan Ferguson
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Are both of those slaves

Are both of those slaves configured to send notifications, e.g. is the notification method set to be run on the master or the slaves? 

I take it these are email notifications?  If so, can you send an email manually on the servres without issue?

date | /usr/bin/Mail -s subject <email address>


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I found out what was missing

The Slave guide on your Knowledge Base does not mention installing "mailutils".

After installing it and changing the default email script from using "/usr/bin/Mail" to "/usr/bin/mail" the emails started reaching Postfix.

However, I have yet to find out how to add a "sender name" i.e "Opsview IL" to the emails being sent as they are all nameless.

Adding a name to the nagios\root\opsview user on the linux machine does not cut it. It still remains empty.

Is there a way to fix this or must I re-write the sending script?

btw, how come I can only see your last response to my message rather than the entire conversation on the Forum?

People might find this useful...


Duncan Ferguson
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/usr/bin/Mail should be

/usr/bin/Mail should be available in another package (such as bsd-mailx on Debian) and you should not need to amend the script to get it working 'out of the box'.

I will check the package dependancies to see why this one was missed.

Also, amending the GCOS field in /etc/passwd is the right way to go when using Mail, otherwise 'mail' might have an option such as '-F Opsview' to override the default.


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GCOS field has been edited

GCOS field has been edited but I still dont get no sender name...

nagios:x:999:998:Opsview Master,,,:/var/log/nagios:/bin/bash
root:x:0:0:Opsview Master,,,:/root:/bin/bash

I also tried editing the notify_by_email script but that didnt work at all.
I dont have knowledge in PERL but I believe the relevant part should be something like this:

my $subject;
($subject) = ( $output =~ /^(.+)$/m );

open EMAIL, "|-", "/usr/bin/Mail", "-s", $subject, "-a From: Opsview IL <>", $email;
print EMAIL $output;
close EMAIL;

print "Sent email!\n";


Yet that does not work either...

Duncan Ferguson
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Changing the part of the line

Changing the part of the line from

"-s", $subject, "-a From: Opsview IL .....


"-s", $subject, "-a","From: Opsview IL ....

may make a difference, but can you just run the command directly and get it to work?

date | /usr/bin/Mail -s subject -a "From: Opsview LS <>" email@address