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Slave server and SSH host keys

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Slave server and SSH host keys

Greetings. Installing slave server in remote location and having difficulty with SSH. I followed along with docs at, and am installing on CentOS 6.4

I worked through several issues (selinux, etc) and was finally able to do a 'yum install opsview-slave' on my slave server.

However, when trying to create it as a 'Monitoring server' within the GUI on my master, I cannot.

Working through troubleshooting, I try to run 'send2slaves' and I get a connection error.

[nagios@seaopsview01 ~]$ /usr/local/nagios/bin/send2slaves -t einops02

Host key verification failed.

Error connecting to EINOPS02

Errors: 1

which would seem to indicate that keys are not setup right...


[nagios@seaopsview01 ~]$ ssh einops02

Last login: Wed Mar 19 17:36:37 2014 from seaopsview01

[nagios@EINOPS02 ~]$

I can ssh directly, it seems. On my slave, /var/log/secure says this when attempting to ssh: Mar 19 23:54:08 EINOPS02 sshd[11837]: Accepted publickey for nagios from port 42139 ssh2 Mar 19 23:54:08 EINOPS02 sshd[11837]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session opened for user nagios by (uid=0)


Any hints on this one ?