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Silent Install Windows Agent to 700 Servers

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Silent Install Windows Agent to 700 Servers

We are about to deploy the Windows Agent to over 700 Windows servers and would like to silently run this somehow using a script.

We do have SCCM but have been told that we can't use it at this time.

Do OpsView have a powershell script that could perform the following on a remote machine or be used in conjuction with a GPO.

  1. Install Agent based on OS type (32bit or 64bit)
  2. Copy Custom Scripts into scripts folder
  3. Replace NSC.ini with custom file
  4. Replace OpsView.ini with custom file.

I'm working on it myself but if anybody has anything out there or any hints it would be appreciated.



Duncan Ferguson
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At this time we do not have any powershell scripts to help automate this.

Which version of the agent are you using?  There are command line switches on the Opsview Agent 0.3.x that may help, but these are different to the ones available in NSClient 0.4.x and 0.5.x.

Long term, I believe you should be using SCCM.


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Matt, not sure if you're

Matt, not sure if you're still trying to do this, but we use Active Directory Group Policy to install the Opsview agent (filtered by x86/x64) and also use GP to distribute and enforce the NSC.INI file - by using AD to control this any unauthorised changes are overwritten the next time the computer checks the applicable GP.

For installation - Group Policy Mgmnt, computer configuration>policies>software settings>assigned applications

For file distribution - Group Policy Mgmnt, computer configuration>preferences>windows settings>files