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Restart server if RDP fails

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Restart server if RDP fails


A couple of our servers every now and then has some sort of RDP problem. Nothing to see, we are just unable to connect. Could someone help us to clarify how to...

  1. monitor/check RDP repons
  2. restart the server if RDP check fails
  • Best regards
  • Martin Birch


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Re: Restart server if RDP fails

Hhhmm... nobody knows how to restart a server if a check fails? We don't mind paying to get this working.

Best regards


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Re: Restart server if RDP fails

Hi Martin,

If you are interested in a supported version of Opsview (i.e. having someone on hand to answer questions / even do this ^^ for you) then let me know and I can have an account manager reach out to you.



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Re: Restart server if RDP fails

Hello Sam.

In time we will problably upgrade from core version. But for now we will run core as a "test" solution for our own servers. When we have enough experience with the system, we will offer the monitoring as a service to our customers. Until then we just want to go with the core version.

It would make sence to me to be able to buy support for basic configuration stuff on a per issue basis. I don't want to pay 700 USD just to know how to change a threshold from 10% to 5G.

Anyway... opsview rocks, and we will problably upgrade in the future.


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Re: Restart server if RDP fails

he there,

Just in case you are still working on this.

in your case I would definetly do the following.

1. setup a service check that will detect the RDP failure (something like:

2. setup an eventhandler on your host which can be triggered using NRPE that will restart the remote desktop services (rebooten sounds a bit much but that's up to you).

See: for an example for restarting a windows service.

hope this helps,