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Print Supply gadget and NagVis issue

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Print Supply gadget and NagVis issue

Hello all.

I have successfully installed the check_printer script and it's printer supply gadget. They work great and I can see qualifying consumables on a pretty bar graph. I have roughly 12 printers that use their own gadget. When I go to view my map in Nagvis, the gadgets show up properly for a few seconds, then each one disappears and gives the following error:

"ERROR: The needed parameter "perfdata" is missing"

Other gadgets such as multiple_bars, rawWords, etc work without ever giving that error.

The check_printer script outputs correctly when running from command line. The developer noted the following in an email to me:

"...I'm not sure how the back end of OPs View works, but it appears it's querying the data using AJAX, and not getting the updated perfdata as part of that request (i.e. status data only)...."

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.