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Praise for 4.4

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Praise for 4.4

We've been on 4.4.1 for 2 month. Wanted to let people know that the reload times have DRATICALLY dropped. We have 3100 devices with some 39,000 services. 3.14 reloads were taking 20 minutes and would increase a minute or two a day until we restarted opsview. Now we are at 4 1/2 minutes without restarts! The new system is generally faster and there are some nice additions to the user interface.

We just configured the Mobile app and people are really pleased with the access from iOS. The Android version works fine but could use some display improvements compared to the Apple version.

Good work.

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Re: Praise for 4.4

That's great to hear! We've been working a lot on the performance of reloads and the database updating so it's fantastic to hear of such an improvement in the wild.

We've got a piece of work that we're kicking off to get the Android app updated to match the level of the iOS app, including push notifications, which will come with Opsview 4.5 in spring 2014.