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Performance data present, but no graph....

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Performance data present, but no graph....


We made a check that counts active users.

The data returned from the chack seems to be correct. When I am on the Service State Information page I can follow the performance data returned.

It has the following layout : users=144;0;300

Looking into the /usr/local/nagios/var/rrd/<machine-name>/<check-name>/users directory, I see three files : thresholds.rrd, uom (empty), and value.rrd.

We basically copied the performance data creation syntax from another check, and this one works. Although data is present, and performance data can be

seen on the Service State page, no graph is being created for the active users check.

I'm not sure if you guys need more information. If you do, please let me know. We would be grateful if this enigma could be solved.


Thank you,


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You need to reload twice. The

You need to reload twice. The first reload applies the changes and adds the new service check, the check then executes and creates the perfdata - a second reload is then needed so that Opsview can 'recognise' that new data, and show the graph icon. 

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Similar issue


I am using the plugins like

TCP port check (investigate says :time=0,242821s;5,000000;10,000000;0,000000 size=1109B;;;0 for performance data)

SNMP CPU Usage (Performance Data Load_average=2.34)

SNMP FS Usage (Performance Data ROOTFS_GB=28.554gb;87.182;92.025;;96.868)

SNMP Uptime (Performance Data days=203.7)


and if I hit investigate there is performance information (as per I have included in brackets above) .


However this never gets graphed ?

Also in the interfaces - there are no bandwidth graphs even though I will se the following as an example in the investigate screen :

Preformance Data throughput_in=12002715bps throughput_out=2320564bps throughput_in_pct=1.2% throughput_out_pct=0.23%

Any help would be appreciated ?

Duncan Ferguson
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Do you have other graphs

Do you have other graphs working, it is just these few that are not?  

Are you currently running verison 5.3.0 and did you upgrade from an earlier version?


Duncan Ferguson
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If you are on version 5.2 or

If you are on version 5.2 or are on 5.3 and have upgraded from 5.2, please download, switch to the opsview user (note, not nagios) and run

./ /opt/opsview/timeseriesrrd/var/data

After it has completed running, this should output some 'MISSING' lines, after which you can perform a reload.


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That has fixed my issue

Hi Duncan,


Thank you this has fixed all the performance graphs.


I was really pulling my hair out on this one...


Appreciate assistance.