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OpsView Wiki documentations for slave setup

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OpsView Wiki documentations for slave setup


I`m currently "fighting" with a fresh opsview setup.

There is a bug in the slave setup prereq check script:

./check_reqs slave

libexpat not installed libldap2-2.4 not installed

But the libraries are installed:

find / -name "libexpat*"

/lib64/ /lib64/   After checking the script I found the following library paths in the check script:

my @libdirs = qw(/usr/lib /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu);

This may work for ubuntu but not on centos x86_64. The opsview-slave package installation was successful without any issues.

The second thing is the wiki documentation, which could be better:

useradd -g nagios -G nagcmd -d /var/log/nagios -m nagios passwd nagios

I don`t understand why the homedirectory should be in /var/log/nagios because it should be either /var/lib/nagios or /usr/local/nagios right?

I also miss filesystem size requirements for the opsview and opsview slave setup.

Another "feature" request could be a solid directory structure of opsview.

Some files are in /usr/local/nagios, other files are in /opt/opsview

I`d prefer to have everything in /opt/opsview but I found no solution to change it during the installation.