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Opsview Slaves and SNMP monitoring

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Opsview Slaves and SNMP monitoring

We have a an opsview slave box in a remote network and we are trying to query some network devices there via SNMP.

I am using both the SNMP Cisco and SNMP MIB II host templates and I get correct SNMP information from them (uptime, cpu, mem, etc.).

What I am trying to do is monitor the interfaces on the device via the SNMP tab on the host. When I do the "test SNMP connection" I get an error: "Cannot Query Host: " followed by the Opsview Slaves SSH Banner.

Is there a way to use the SNMP Host Interface monitoring via a Slave server?

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Re: Opsview Slaves and SNMP monitoring


Can you please log a support ticket via ? This is the fastest way for to you get a resolution to your problem.



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Resolution ???

mmclean, or smarsh -- is there any documented fix for this issue, as I am now experiencing it to.