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Opsview 4.4.2 released!

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Opsview 4.4.2 released!


We've just released Opsview 4.4.2!

Changes include:

  • Improved NetFlow summary queries, reducing query time by 99%
  • Performance gauge includes a new "humanise values" option
  • Fixed Nagios memory leaks
  • Security fixes for XSS, CSRF and open redirection. Thanks to Darren Glynn for reporting the issues
  • AuthTkt shared secret is now randomly generated for installs

If you are upgrading and haven't set a random authtkt shared secret, we strongly advise you to amend this value. See the documentation for help on changing it:

We have removed the "Promote Mib" functionality, as this was seldom used and causing issues to Opsview Web because of the size of the cached data.

The full change list is at:

You can get the new release via the repositories or you can download the Virtual Appliance or the EC2 image as usual from our downloads pages at