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Opsview 4.4.1 released!

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Opsview 4.4.1 released!

We're proud to announce that we've released Opsview 4.4.1. This includes many fixes and enhancements from customer feedback, including speeding up reload times by 25% for systems with lots of attributes, adding keywords into email notifications, Dashboard process map now retains aspect ratio and enhancements to the NetFlow views.

We've also improved the reports from the Opsview Reporting Module, so bar charts are split across multiple pages rather than squeezed onto a single page.

Notable fixes include fixing excessive memory usage from perl database importing daemon, fixing an iOS notification configuration page issue and check_opsview_ndo_import reporting on ignored files.

The change log is available at 

Special thanks to Charlie Eriksen via Secunia SVCRP for reporting some XSS and CSRF exposures, and to for unrelated XSS errors.

Let us know how you find the release, so we can tell the development and QA team know how they've done!



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Re: Opsview 4.4.1 released!
MAJOR PROBLEM!   Notices in changelog: "As plugin output is now HTML escaped in status pages, use markdown format if you require HTML output"   You cannot do that! We have all kinds of custom scripts that generate nice html with tables in it. How can you implement such an important change with only one little comment line. This is a major issue that causes us days of work!   The best option would be if there is a global setting or if that's not possible the possibility to put some tags around the html so the parser leaves it alone so we don't have to rewrite all checks in detail.