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nsc_checkdrivesize syntax query

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nsc_checkdrivesize syntax query

I'm trying to use nsc_checkdrivesize to check mountpoints on our windows filestore cluster. I've got all mountpoints covered except for one - which has a space in the path. I've searched the docs and the web but couldn't find the correct syntax to use so that the correct path is checked, and is not truncated (and thus made invalid).

The check is this -

-H $HOSTADDRESS$ -c nsc_checkdrivesize -a 'Drive=X:\STUDENT\Archives\Journalism Archive\ MinWarnFree=150G MinCritFree=50G'

I've tried all sorts of variations of nested quotes and double quotes but can't get it to work because of the space in 'Journalism Archive' - can someone tell me the correct way to use them in this instance please? I'm getting double vision through bashing my head on the keyboard!!!

Many thanks, Sam

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Re: nsc_checkdrivesize syntax query

Hi Sam,

Please contact Opsview Support at and use your login - the support guys here should save your head any further pain! :)

All the best,