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Multiple websites on Linux server

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Chris Parks
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Multiple websites on Linux server

I have phpMyAdmin running on my CentOS 7 linux server.  Performed automated install of Opsview, now can't get to phpMyAdmin site.  http://server/phpmyadmin goes to "These aren't the Droids your looking for" page. 

How do I configure it so I can get to both sites?

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Opsviews auto-install assumes

Opsviews auto-install assumes that nothing else is running on your box, so it will redirect any traffic to Opsview. You've got a few options, including running phpMyAdmin on a different port (simply edit the vhost file and then edit ports.conf), use VirtualHosts and DNS (i.e. and, for example) or any other Apache method you fancy. Theres a few ways of doing it - DNS-based virtualhosts being the best solution IMHO.