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Master Slave Cluster

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Master Slave Cluster


We have to separate sites. In site-1 we have opsview pro already installed and in we have to install a separate instance in site-2. What we want is.

  1. Both instances should show status of all hosts (site-1 + site-2 hosts) in opsview web.
  2. If site-1 opsview dies then site-2 should keep monitoring site-2 hosts, send alert for these hosts and display status of site-2 hosts in web. Similarly if site-2 opsview dies then site-1 opsview should monitor all site-1 hosts, send alerts for these hosts and display site-1 hosts in web.
  3. When dead opsview comes back online both should share host states with each other.

I want to know what we can achieve with master slave cluster.