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IP SLA Track Monitoring?

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IP SLA Track Monitoring?

Hey everyone!

You knew I would be back sometime :)

Just a heads-up, I already know about the "check_cisco_ipsla" script but what that doesn't support is icmp-echo (unless I'm blind).
I was wondering if anyone had successfully updated the file for such a reason.
Our current track statements in the Cisco Routers  are as follows...

ip sla 1
  icmp-echo x.x.x.x source-interface [someInterface]
ip sla schedule 2 life forever start-time now

Simple enough.
We've set tracks to switch lines when one interface goes down although when that track is down, we really know nothing about it until we hear something from a location (since the data connection is down and not the physical to where OpsV would trip an alert).
I definitely want to do everything I possibly can with Opsview and have it dazzle my team, haha.

Also currently checking the script and modifying although I'm a newbie at perl but decent at mimicry.

Definitely let me know if you have questions/comments/concerns!

Thank you,

Wayne D.