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Help With SNMP Polling

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Help With SNMP Polling

Hi All,

I've been setting up the Opsview Core virtual Appliance running on Ubuntu.

I seem to have everything setup and working although I wanted to start monitoring some individual hardware states using the SNMP Polling Option.

As an example, I wanted to check the power supply and Fan status on a HP Procurve switch.

I have setup a new service check and getting an "OK State" back, but I wanted to know if this means that the status is ok or I have simply misconfigured the check.


I created a new service check.

Gave it a name

Chose "SNMP Polling"

I put the desired switch in as the "example host" and did an SNMP walk

A long list populated, and towards the end I found the folowing

SNMPv2-SMI::mib- = STRING: "Power Supply %s: Supply: %s, Failures: %d"

I slected this, and the info poulated the OID box

I selected "no rate" and left the Warning/Critical boxes blank

Iapplied the service check to the desired switch and I'm now getting back:

OK 2013-08-01 09:46:59 1/3 SNMP OK - Power "Power Supply %s: Supply: %s, Failures: %d"

Now, my question is , does this response mean that the power supply is functioning normally or do I have to enter some Warning/Critical values.

Thanks in advance