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Graph Rest API

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Graph Rest API



I am using the Rest Gaph api. I understand there is an end and start as well as a duration. I also know that end and start takes precedence over duration.

Then response I get when doing a rest call for a specific hsm, i get the data in intervals of 2 or 3 hours. So I assuming I need data for March 2015, I get data for 1 March 2015 12:00, then 1 March 2015 14:00, etc.


Is there a way to get data for each day i March as opposed to each hour of each day in March. Also, Rest api has a format_datetime parameter. This is not available for graph api. Is there any similar parameter which I could use please?


Thanking you

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Graph Rest API

Good Day


Have you managed to solve this issue? Please can you share your method?