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Export a list of all active services and hosts

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Export a list of all active services and hosts

For documentation purpose I'm looking to store my configuration of the activated service-checks and hosts. I've found the services.cfg in /usr/local/nagios/etc but this file is too large and too unclear. At the dashboard I have to possibility to add the dashlet "Top Services by metric" but why can I only list the top 25? This is nearly what I'm looking for but there is no possibility to export it as csv...So I'm looking for a list or table that shows each service check beeing used and all the hosts beeing checked.

The report should look like this:

- Service check: LAN connectivity
  running on Hosts: PC1,PC2,Switch1,Switch2,Server1....

Service check: VMware ESXi Host CPU usage
 running on Hosts: Server1, Server2....

and so on...

Does anyone have an idea how I could manage that?