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Downtime via REST API

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Downtime via REST API

Can I get a confirmation that the REST API for creating downtimes does or does not accept 'duration' as a parameter?  I've spent hours trying to get a duration to work to no avail.

I suspect that the documentation here: is incorrect when it states:

Additional parameters required for creating a downtimes:

  • starttime - start time for downtime
  • endtime - end time for downtime
  • duration - jira style duration value for downtime. One of end_time or duration must be set for creation
  • comment - free text comment regarding downtime

 If this is true, can someone post an example?  I can get my Perl script to work only if I have Perl calculate the delta-time and submit an exact 'endtime' parameter in the POST.  Otherwise, I get 'End time is not defined'.