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Delaying alerting based on local time on host

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Delaying alerting based on local time on host

I am trying to setup a 45-minute delay during off-hours times for non-essential hosts to avoid being woken up from maintenance windows/etc after-hours for sites that aren't 24x7. Presently I have two Service Checks setup for each Host Template, which are grouped by time zone, one WorkingHours and one OffHours, again, for each time zone. The only difference between these Service Checks is the Max Check Attempts for OffHours is at 45 with a Retry Interval of 1 minute. However, when looking at host information, because each one of those Service Checks only runs for 12 or so hours per day, I have two different graphs for monitoring based on the WorkingHours and OffHours Checks. Obviously I could create a non-alerting Service Check to just keep one solid graph, but I was wondering if there would be any way I could use the Timed Exceptions function within a Service Check to force 45 Maximum Checks before an alert is sent. At present I don't see any way to accomplish this, but this would both cut my number Service Checks in half and merge all uptime/latency graphs into a single one. Does anyone have any ideas how to accomplish this besides my present method?