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Critical - Socket Timeout after 10 Seconds

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Critical - Socket Timeout after 10 Seconds


I am new to OpsView and have only a limited experience of monitoring systems in general (some Zenoss, some PRTG).

In my company, we are getting a number of different machines coming back with the response "Critical - Socket Timeout after 10 Seconds".

This can be for a variety of checks, for example "check_nt", "check_NRPE", "check_http" amongst others.

When these service checks are running and giving back this response, it's marking this check as CRITICAL HARD in OpsView.

Is this a case of the service check being unable to run in the time period it requires?

Is this configurable in any way so it will check multiple times before changing the Status of the service check on the device.

Thanks in advance for any help.