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Create notifications per attribute

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Create notifications per attribute

How would I go about achieving the following:

I have server with multiple partitions (DISK attribute) and I would like to assign a different contact to a specific partition to be alerted.

For example /db2 only the DB2 admins should get the alert, and for / the sys admins should get the alert.

I know this can be done with core nagios by defining a contact_group per check.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Customizing notifications per attribute

I'm dismayed that there was no answer to this question, because surely the OP and we are not the only 2 customers who need this.

How does one send an alert to one contact for the results of a check against one attribute, but to another contact for a different attribute?

Keywords don't help, because they apply to the Service Check, which then applies to all of whichever attribute it's applied to.

Anyone have any ideas, barring simply laboriously creating individual Service Checks hard-coded to specific attribute values?