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Couldn't find pkg opsview-activemq

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Couldn't find pkg opsview-activemq

Hey everyone!

This may seem like a simple issue to whoever reads this although I much appreciate a resolution.

Currently attempting to install and configure NetAudit. It was extremely simple in the trial run but now that I have the virtual appliance running, I can't get past the pre-req of installing activemq.
I've added the appropriate line to my sources.list...

deb lucid main

Updated the listings and still receive...

user@someserver:/$ sudo apt-get install opsview-activemq Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done E: Couldn't find package opsview-activemq   Keep in mind that I did a manual installation previously and this is the virtual appliance so I understand that they may vary in overall experience although I kind of fell in love with the virt app.

Let me know if I'm just missing a step  ^________^ Feeling I should update the whole system to precise.

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Re: Couldn't find pkg opsview-activemq


It looks like your adding the Opsview Core respository and not the Enterprise repo's - that will be why you cant find the package.



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Re: Couldn't find pkg opsview-activemq probably it.

Yep, I feel amazing and the extreme need for caffeine.

Thank you for the extra eye Sam!