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Controlling database growth

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Controlling database growth

Over the last few months we've noticed that the opsview database is growing rather more quickly than we'd anticipated. Up until last November the database was a fairly constant 50GB, however by May it had grown to 100GB and we're currently looking at around 175GB. We upgraded our Opsview system from the open source one to Enterprise in November... a coincidence perhaps? Is it possible there was some data corruption incurred during the upgrade? This was undertaken by Opsview as an assisted upgrade, so I don't think we did anything really silly...

We have been adding more systems and checks in the meantime, obviously, but nothing that is commensurate with that degree of growth. Does the Enterprise version database retain more data then the earlier free version? FYI the current stats are - 690 hosts, 5150 services. We have a single Opsview v4.4.1 server running on RHEL, with another RHEL server running the MySQL backend.

Is there any way of constraining the growth of the database - reducing the sampling that is recorded for example, or perhaps the data retention period?

Lots of questions sorry, but any suggestions would be gratefully recieved :)

Thanks, Sam

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Re: Controlling database growth

Hi Sam,

I'd recommend raising this via so one of the team can go through your system with you to see why its increasing at such a rate.