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Cisco Monitor Port Status

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William Foster
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Cisco Monitor Port Status



I was wondering if anyone could direct me on how to use SNMP on a cisco 3750 swtich to report the port status using ops view core. What I want to do is have ops view alert if a port has been disconected.


Thanks I appreicate your help this is all new stuff to me.


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Re: Cisco Monitor Port Status

he William,

just to be sure as there are two ways of using SNMP here

So do you want your 3750 to send an SNMPTrap when a port is disconnect


do you want to use Opsview to probe the port every 5 minutes and report when it detects the port is down?

The first one is actually only possible in Opsview PRO and Enterprise.

The second one uses the regular plugins (Network - MIB II template) to poll the switch.

Configuring SNMP is relatively easy on a 3750 (or any other switch).

first add an access-list (so not everybody can get to your switch but make sure your Opsview server is in the list).

access-list 10 permit

then link a SNMP community to that list.

snmp-server community <community-name> RO 10

hope this helps,