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Browser plugin / Status.cgi

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Chris Parks
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Browser plugin / Status.cgi

I have a new install of Opsview Atom on CentOS 7.  Automated install.  In the past I have used the nagios plugin for Firefox.  I can't seem to get it to work, I am thinking I don't have the correct Status Script URL.  Can someone point me to what that should be?

Duncan Ferguson
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The CGI's were removed as

The CGI's were removed as part of the upgrade to version 5.0 so any tools that used to rely on them will no longer work.

We do have a REST API that should be used in preference to the CGI's but not all tools use this yet.

We have made available an updated version of Nagstamon (see to use the REST API where all patches have been sent upstream - this may help you out.