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Bonded interfaces in CentOS

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Bonded interfaces in CentOS

When monitoring bonded interfaces in CentOS 6.4, I get the message:

"INTERFACES UNKNOWN - Got strange percent values for interface bond0 (in:4.6%, out:206.95%): Polled with results for interfaces: 3. Seconds taken to poll: 1.75   


"bond0 throughput (in/out) 460.05 Kbps/20.7 Mbps, 4.6%/206.95% has exceeded critical threshold!  " 

in my host status screens for the "Interface Poller: and Interface:bond0 checks.


I assume that this is due to how the OS tools report the bond0 interface speed/duplex -

[root@host log]# mii-tool -v bond0
bond0: 10 Mbit, half duplex, link ok
  product info: vendor 00:01:00, model 0 rev 4
  basic mode:   10 Mbit, half duplex
  basic status: link ok


And seem to delpend on the underlying physical interfaces.

Is there any way around this, or should I just not monitor a bonded interface ?

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Re: Bonded interfaces in CentOS

he there,

well besides the fact that you seem to have a bonded interface at 10 mbit half-duplex (which is a lot slower then 100 mbit full-duplex) the fact it is not reporting correctly it's speed settings might explain something.

There are more users reporting this issue for Red Hat based systems (see: I don't have an account there so I can't check the solution but it seems to be a common issue with CentOS/RedHat.

Also found this: which might contain clues on how to fix the bond.

The plugin uses snmp to retrieve the values so when it sees X packets per second and the speed is 10mbit it will report weird stuff like 206%...

hope this helps,