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Automatic sign in for dashboards

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Automatic sign in for dashboards

Is there any way to setup an automatic login to the dashboard, or a URL that runs an unauthenticated page that shows a particular users dashboard?  I have a user account dedicated to showing a particular dashboard to be displayed on a 60" TV in an operations center.  I have a PC attached to this which automatically logs in on bootup, and launches firefox directed to the dashboard URL, with the dedicated dashboard users account and password memorized.  The problem is, that in order to get signed in to the dashboard, someone has to remote into the box, and click 'sign in'.  This becomes a problem for two reasons.  First, due to the memory usage of the dashboard over time, firefox has to be closed once per day, and launched again, to keep stable.  That means that every day, someone would manually need to do that.  The second issue is that if maintenance were done or some connection issue occured between the client and opsview server, its going to be signed out.  Right now this is one screen, but we want 10 of them, in an area that executives need to see the details.  So far it ends up being a display of the opsview signin screen most of the time instead of an opsview dashboard.


So, are there any tricks for getting a digital signage setup going for the dashboard that either automatically signs in, or does not require sign in?