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Adding to service check contextual menu

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Adding to service check contextual menu

Is there a way to add to the service check contextual menu? Something similar to the "Management URL" for templates that adds to the host menu. It would be useful to have the "Management URL" from the template also apply to the service check that the template provides. This would allow specific help based on the check.

The application owner might be interested in the web checks while a DBA might be responsible for MySql checks and a sys-admin for various file systems.

Prior to 4.x we were adding a menu item to the contextual check menu via modification to the root/serivcecheck/menu scripts but that seems to be compiled into the code now.

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Re: Adding to service check contextual menu


Could you please contact Opsview Support or your account manager - it sounds like this is a feature request that will needs raising so that it is fed into the correct channels.