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Add a Windows process/service monitor

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Dawna Moore
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Add a Windows process/service monitor

Hello ... I have been asked to setup monitors in OPsView 5.0.1 ... I am pretty new to OPsView and do not have the opportunuty to take training etc.  My question is how to setup a (more or less) simple up/down monitor for a process (or service) running on a windows server. I am not talking about a "Windows OS Service" ... I am speaking of a process/service that is running which is a third party tool installed on the machine. We have agents installed on the endpoints and in "Service Checks" we have listed OS - Base Windows Agent amongst a whole bunch of options. I have serached online for examples but there really does not appear to be much relating to this ....


Please any help .. pointers would be awesome!



Duncan Ferguson
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How does the process work

How does the process work that you want to monitor?  

For example, does it listen on a port for incoming connections?  In which can you can use the plugin check_tcp (see 'PostgreSQL Listener' as an example) to check the port is open from the monitoring server.

If you are using the Opsview Windows Agent and you are looking at a service, you could use 'nsc_checkservicestate' (see 'WINS Service' as an example)

If it is just a process rather than a service you could create your own service check using the following: 

Plugin: check_nrpe

Arguments: -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -c nsc_checkprocstate -a 'MinCritCount=0 MaxCritCount=10 MinWarnCount=5 MaxWarnCount=10 ShowAll chrome.exe=started'

where the process here is an exact match.  To user a regular expression instead, change the last section to be 'match=regexp .*chrome.*=started'.  You can tweak the warning and critical levels to match your requirements.

If you are happy using the WMI route for agentless monitoring, see instead 'Base - Process status' as an example (see and details on how to set it up).