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SNMP setup and agent - mixed results

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SNMP setup and agent - mixed results

Hi Guys,


First let me say I have had a read of these pages -

I have setup the SNMP agent and so on on the host and I have mixed results.

Servers inside our network work in that I can see under the host the SNMP agent, the discards and interface poller etc for the interfaces I have selected.

I know smarsh has mentioned that traps are not possible in the core version anymore from some other posts. But I should still be able to see some SNMP information.

Servers outside our internal network and by that I mean those that are reached via a few firewalls etc are not working. But I can't figure out why.

I have configured our firewall to allow 161 and 162 in the correct direction. For the host in question I can go to SNMP setup and select - Test SNMP connection

And I get returned the following:

Successfully connected via SNMP! System description: Linux <hostname> 2.6.32-431.5.1.el6.x86_64 #1 SMP Fri Jan 10 14:46:43 EST 2014 x86_64   So all good there and it is the same result as I get from the internal and working Server. I can even query the host and see the interfaces status as well as changes to those interfaces.   But nothing is displayed when viewing the normal view of the host - what am I missing? I must be close!



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Re: SNMP setup and agent - mixed results

Well this has been solved!

After going over things again and looking for what was different it all came down to not having the SNMP-MIB-II host template applied to the host in question.

Added it.

It's all working as I would expect now.



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Re: SNMP setup and agent - mixed results

Yeah, thats a commonly overlooked one. Im almost wondering if we should automatically add that template when SNMP is enabled.

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Re: SNMP setup and agent - mixed results


Thanks for the report. There is a documentation section at but it is not easily noticed.

So we've updated the text at the bottom of the host interfaces page to say:

This page configures the interfaces on a host which are queried via SNMP. You can select which interfaces are monitored, the alert levels for throughput, errors and discards, either using the default levels or custom levels per interface. For the interfaces to be regularly checked, you have to add the SNMP - MIB II host template to each host. Interfaces configured here can be referenced from the INTERFACE host attribute.

Hopefully that will make it clearer.

For our UI refresh, we'll look into automatically adding this host template after interfaces have been ticked.


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Re: SNMP setup and agent - mixed results

Thank you both for your help and support