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Should I use the Opsview agent or agentless monitoring?

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Duncan Ferguson
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Should I use the Opsview agent or agentless monitoring?

There are a few different ways of monitoring hosts and services in Opsview Monitor; you can use the Opsview Agent, agentless checks or SNMP.  Understanding the differences between these different methods is important to finding the right checks and getting them set up.


The Opsview Monitor Agent runs directly on the monitored host and allows Opsview Monitor to run plugins on the host and then pass the results back to the monitoring system. The advantage of the agent is that it has local access to many of the machines resources and does not rely on exposed services or APIs.

The Opsview Monitor Agent is available for Windows and Linux systems.  There are more details in the documentation link at the bottom of this article.


Agentless checks run Opsview Monitor plugins on the Opsview Monitor system which then query the host. These are normally designed for services that are available remotely like applications with an API or technologies like Windows WMI.


SNMP is most common on Network devices but is also available on some other systems. Opsview Monitor is able to query SNMP devices with SNMP polls and accept SNMP traps, where the device sends the SNMP data directly to Opsview Monitor.

Opsview comes with some pre-built SNMP service checks but can quickly and easily monitor many SNMP enabled devices by accepting a MIB file and then allowing you to run an SNMP Walk to find all of the available data, you can find instructions on doing this here.


There are more details in our Knowledge Center at