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Problem with Push notifications

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Problem with Push notifications

I am trying to get the IOS app and push notifications working. On my server everything seems to work (ubuntu 12.0.4 latest version of core) However when I go to Settings, Notification Method and click Push Notifications for IOS Mobile i get Opsview Apache Error: 500 and Internal error occurred with the OpsView logo on top. All the other Notification configs work fine. I rebooted still the same problem.

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Re: Problem with Push notifications

Apologies, we made a really stupid error in the template. To fix, just change in /usr/local/opsview-web/root/admin/notificationmethods/com.opsview.notificationmethods.iospush so that:

- [% Need the br to push the text down a level %] + [%# Need the br to push the text down a level %]

IE, add the hash symbol. This will fix the Opsview page so you can now access the page.

This will be fixed in the next Core release in about 4 weeks time.