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Opsview Status Desktop Application/Browser Plugin

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Opsview Status Desktop Application/Browser Plugin

Now that the Nagios checker for Firefox is broken due to removal of cgi access, are there any plans for a desktop monitor application? This for me is a must have and particularly a must have on Ubuntu. Having inherited Opsview this for me is a deal breaker. Having the current status constantly in my face is essential for monitoring and not having it is a massive retrograde step.

The Firefox nagios checker in particular is out of the way enough to let me get on with my job but visible enough that I always know the current state of affairs. It alerts in an incredibly annoying way when a new alert occurs, often well before an email or text message arrives and is crucial to proactively keeping systems running. When you took the decision to break such applications did it occur to you to provide an alternative?

Duncan Ferguson
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You can use nagstamon -

You can use nagstamon - please see

Can you provide more details on the Firefox plugin you are using as I may be able to contact the developers and get the API fixed for it.


Darren Walsh
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Browser and REST API


Any update on the browser extensions and use of REST API please?




Duncan Ferguson
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The only working util is

The only working util is nagstamon;  I have looked at current available browser extentions and they are either unmodified for years (implying no further development/support) or specific to another product.

I am discussing this internally to see what can be done to write our own.