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No notifications, how to raise?

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No notifications, how to raise?

Hey folks!


I'm just getting started with Opsview Atom. Installed the VMWare image.

Trying to make sure email notifications are working. I configured postfix and the "mail" command can send mail without issue.

Opsview doesn't seem to be generating any notifications, email doesn't seem to be the issue.


I'm using only the default notification profile.

When I cause an alert on the auto-configured opsview host to go Critical (hard), I would expect to at least see a notification under "notifications" in the web ui, even if my mail config were totally broken.


In fact, I can't get a single thing to show up under "notifications", despite my best efforts.


Any hints or ideas on how to troubleshoot this? Is my understanding of how this "should" work correct?

Let me know what other info I can provide here that might be helpful.


Thanks very much! =)

Duncan Ferguson
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Can you confirm all the

Can you confirm all the following points:

  • You can set up your valid email address in your own user profile
  • You have added an email based notification profile under your user profile -> Notification Profiles (using 'Alert me by -> email')
  • You have check boxes on this page for both hosts and services for all hostgroups and service groups, and 'send from alert' is set to 1

From your description, it sounds like you have no users set up in Opsview to receive email alerts, so therefore no notifications are logged


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Verified that the state of each of these is as you described.

Still same result unfortunately.

Not seeing anything in the opsview GUI under notifications and nothing about notifications in nagios.log.