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New OpsView Atom deployment isn't showing graphs

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Jeff Stockamp_2
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New OpsView Atom deployment isn't showing graphs

I'm setting up a new OpsView Atom instance (Version and I'm not able to graph any of my service checks performance data.  I can verify that performance data is being returned and that OpsView is recognizing it as performance data.  I've reloaded my configure more than twice (probably more like 10) and it's just not giving me a graphs link (or showing up in Graph Center).  The only service check I'm trying to use the "Network - Base" ping check.  I setup a similar deployment a few days ago with the same version of OpsView and did not have this problem.  The only difference between these 2 is that the one that's not graphing needs to use a proxy to access the internet (configured in /etc/profile.d/

I'm seeing this in the logs on the instance that's not working:

[2017/01/16 21:55:22] [import_perfdatarrd] [Opsview::Utils::PerfdatarrdImporter::catch {...} :69] [ERROR] Processing file=1484603721.017051: Timeseries ERROR: {"errors":["Updater failed: Forbidden"]} at /opt/opsview/perl/lib/perl5/Opsview/Timeseries/ line 176.

I have in my no_proxy environment variable, so I'm not sure where the 403 is coming from.

UPDATE: I just tested by removing my "http_proxy". "https_proxy" and "no_proxy" environment variables and graphing started to work, but now other things like checking for opsview updates will fail.  Is there a way to configure OpsView 5.2.1 to use an HTTP proxy server and load graph data?



Jeff Stockamp_2
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Works without proxy environment variable

I can confirm that this (graphing data being loaded) works without having a proxy confgured as an enivronment variable, but now other services won't work (like looking for opsview updates).

Is there a way to define an http proxy server in OpsView 5.2.1 and still be able create graphs?

martyn pratt
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Is there any update on this I am experiencing the same thing

Is there any update on this I am experiencing the same thing

Duncan Ferguson
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You may have some success by

You may have some success by editing /opt/opsview/timeseries*/bin/start*.sh and including the following on the 2nd line:

unset https_proxy
unset http_proxy
unset http_noproxy

and then restarting the timeseries daemons