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"Nagvis is not configured." error - SOLVED

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"Nagvis is not configured." error - SOLVED

I just installed opsview on ubuntu 12.04.

I can visit it by going to http://localhost:3000 and add hosts, so it appears to be up and running.

I'm trying to follow this guide:

In it, it says I need to visit the nagvis module in Modules > nagvis.

However, when I visit this page, I get the error:

Nagvis is not configured. Please see Opsview documentation for details.

I really don't understand what I need to do here.

I tried to follow the documentation page that was linked to (, but "/etc/apache2/sites-enabled/opsview" doesn't exist.

However, I went ahead anyway and created it and added the lines:

Alias /nagvis /usr/local/nagios/nagvis ProxyPass /nagvis !

Then restarted apache. Then I tried to visit http://localhost:3000/modules/nagvis, but the same error appeared.

So, at this point I'm stuck. I've never used opsview before, and my knowledge of ubuntu is limited. How do I enable the nagvis module?

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Re: "Nagvis is not configured." error

Nevermind, I finally got it. It turns out that enabling the apache proxy is a required step for this.

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