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master - slave setup

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master - slave setup



i have a master community vmware appliance installed. 3.9 v

Today i added an another vmware appliance and followed the document

to settit up as a slave 


The master sends data to the slave (i see monitored hosts on the slave) but the master dont get any updates about the host status.


also i would like to point that the /etc/initr.d/opsview-slave service does not start or stop. the only service running os opsview.


any hint?

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Re: master - slave setup

Can you try the document instead? You were looking at the opsview-3.0 document, which is pretty old. We make updates all the time, but don't push them backwards as the docs are cut for a specific release.


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Re: master - slave setup

I  dont see much difference from my link to the last build link.

Anyway, should i use the vmware appliance to make the slave from it, or i should install another ubuntu 8.04.4 server ?


my issue is that the slave gets changes from the master, but the master dont get any updates from the slave...and after some time the host check gets the state of unknow stale.

also the .etc/init.d/opsvirew-slave start does not return anything...

any hints?


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