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Issues Installing latest Windows 32 Bit Agent

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Issues Installing latest Windows 32 Bit Agent

I have downloaded the latest Windows 32 Bit Agent from , which is Opsview_Windows_Agent_Win32_05-11-14-1329.msi . However , it does not install, the msi runs and  simply states it was interrupted.

The event log reports the dreaded Windows Installer 1306 Error:

Windows Installer installed the product. Product Name: Opsview NSClient++ Windows Agent (Win32). Product Version: Product Language: 1033. Installation success or error status: 1603.

All other 32Bit builds install fine on the server in question and the "problem" msi fails to install on all 32 bit servers that I have tried, this points to and msi issue.

The 64-Bit version listed on the same page, also version installs fine on x64 boxes.

Is anyone else experiencing issues with this msi?

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So far I have simply been

In the past I have simply been using msiexec to install the Opsview_Windows_Agent_Win32.msi agent remotely on my 32bit windows machines  with no issues, however as this leaves it in a default state with no allowed hosts etc in the config. So after the install I have been stopping the nsclientpp service, copying an NSC.ini (with proper values) to the client machine and then restarting the nsclientpp service. 

This works fine if i dont add any custom checks.

I use check_winfile in my environment so I added the check and parameters to the "Externals Scripts" section in the NSC.ini, it worked fine..for 2 the agents have crashed and I cant restart the nsclientpp service. I recieve the followng error: 

"Could not start the Opsview NSClient++ Windows Agent (Win32) service on "hostname"

Error 2: The system cannot find the file specified. 

The only way i found to get around this was to uninstall and reboot the machine, then reinstall (with no custom checks)

I am really hoping that the process i am using is the problem - and so could be overcome with a better "recommended" process for a remote agent install and config. Otherwise the windows agent is just bad. 

Adding custom checks is something that should be considered essential. Another guy posted for help asking whether to modofy the nsc.ini or the opsview.ini for adding custom checks. ( and has had no response. I attempted modifying both, and each one seperately and the agent still crashes. 

EDIT - I tried with the new agent Opsview_Windows_Agent_Win32_28-01-15-1559.msi and am unable to install using msiexec. I am facing the same issue you are.