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How do I install Opsview?

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Duncan Ferguson
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How do I install Opsview?

There are three different ways to get started with Opsview Monitor; they all make it easy to get started quickly.  Which method suits you best will depend upon your environment.

Pre-Built Virtual Machine and AMI Image

We provide pre-built Virtual Machines for VMware and Hyper-V or an AMI image for Amazon Web Services (AWS). The Virtual Machines and AMI Image are normally the easiest and quickest way to deploy Opsview Monitor. They run on the Ubuntu Operating system and include all of the packages and configuration for a complete setup of each of the different Opsview Monitor Editions.

Scripted Install

The Opsview Monitor install script makes the process of installing from package repositories onto any of our supported Operating systems quick and easy. This is normally the best install option if you would prefer to use another Operating System to the one used in our pre-built Virtual Machines or want to use physical hardware rather than a Virtual Machine.

Package Repositories

You can also install the Opsview Monitor packages direct from the Opsview repositories in any of the supported Operating systems. This method is easy to set up but will require more configuration interaction than the scripted install. This is normally the best method for installing if you have any special requirements like setting up High Availability, Disaster Recovery or need to access the repositories in a special way because you are in a dark environment.


There are more details in the Knowledge Center at