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"Connection refused by host"

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Brandon Diener
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"Connection refused by host"

Just installed Opsview to try it out and added a handful of servers/hosts. However, they are all throwing up the "Connection refused by host" error so I'm not actually pulling any information. I figured this was because whatever default service account Opsview was using didn't have access to the hosts... but I cannot seem to find anyplace to specify an account which would have access.



Duncan Ferguson
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Opsview can use agents on

Opsview can use agents on hosts to be monitored - it sounds like you have not installed an agent and so the Opsview cannot connect to the host to monitor it.

The package to installed is called 'opsview-agent' and is in our package repositories.  If you don't want to install it then you have to set up SNMP or SSH access and use an appropriate set of checks